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Facts and Steps to Plant and Care for a Juniper

When you have a love for gardening, there’s absolutely no plant that is off limits to you. People normally prefer plants that are low maintenance and don’t require too much attention, especially if they take gardening to be a hobby […]

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Facts and Steps to Plant and Care for a Flowering Crabapple

Crabapple trees can add to the aesthetic beauty of your garden especially in springtime when it blossoms into various shades of pink, red and white. The canopy of these wild apple trees produce fruits of varying colors including red, orange, […]

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Facts and Steps to Plant and Care for a Colorado Blue Spruce

The Colorado blue spruce is one of the best ornamental trees that can be found and grown in American soil. These sturdy giants can grow as tall as 100 feet and are usually found along the stream banks, valleys and […]

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Facts and Steps to Plant and Care for a Canadian Pinion Pine

The Canadian Pinion Pine is an evergreen tree, one of the most sought-after ones, in the farmer’s market right around Christmas season. Its tidy appearance and heat resilience make it an appealing addition to lawns and backyards. The Canadian pinion […]

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Steps To Take To Save a Diseased Evergreen Tree

Evergreen trees are supposed to stay green and swarming with foliage the entire year round. Every leaf that falls from an evergreen tree is replaced by another one. What’s more is that these trees can endure some of the toughest […]

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How to Permanently Get Rid of Chinese Elm from Your Property

Chinese Elm Trees can be a pest for your gardens. They grow too fast and starve the shrubs and trees nearby off the necessary nutrients. However, you can get rid of them – here’s how:
The Large Chinese Elm Trees
In case […]

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Planting and Caring for Evergreen Trees

When everything goes into hibernation in winters, evergreen trees stand tall and green as a sign of life around them. They grow and bloom throughout the year, letting there be greenery everywhere when everything becomes dull. However, for them to […]

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Planting and Caring for Plum Trees

Who does not enjoy the delectable soft juicy taste of a ripe plum? The tangy sweet taste and the juices bursting with flavor are an ideal snack to be enjoyed at just about any time. However, as with all fruits, […]

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Steps to Plant and Care for an Apricot Tree

In Latin, apricot means precious and it truly holds its meaning – apricots are soft, fragrant and sweet. This golden fruit blooms before many other fruits. Early spring is usually the time of the year around when you can spot […]

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Steps to Take to Save a Diseased Aspen Tree

Aspen trees, known and loved for their golden leaves, are commonly grown in mountainous areas as they thrive better on highlands. Aspen trees need plenty of sunlight, which makes high mountains the best place for them to grow. During recent […]

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