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Facts and Steps to Plant and Care for an Apple Tree

It is truly spectacular how closely the history of the apple tree is connected with that of man. The apple tree is beautiful and has a picturesque aura. An apple tree can turn the dullest gardens into something magical with its intertwining branches, fresh red apples, and gorgeous stature. Apple trees inherit their beauty from the rose family and are one of the most widely cultivated trees out there. Due to the immense beauty of the apple tree, many homeowners try to grow their very own trees but not all succeed due to lack of knowledge.

Cultivating apple trees requires impeccable attention to detail as these trees are easily infested with insects and pests. The pests not only hinder the tree from growing to its full potential but also affect the health of the tree and its fruit. Infested trees produce unhealthy or rotten fruit compared to the pomaceous apples that it normally produces. Every apple tree requires constant attention and has to be taken care of or the tree can easily start to deteriorate. For this reason, we have articulated a list of steps to help you cultivate a healthy apple tree:

  1. Collect Two Different Kinds of Apple Seeds and Prepare Them

In order to grow an apple tree, you will have to plant two different type of apple seeds as this type of tree does not self-pollinate. In order to get a hold of these seeds, you simply purchase two different fresh apples, preferably from the farmers market in order to ensure that the fruit is fresh and healthy. Just eat the apple and extract the seeds but you can also purchase these seeds from any local horticulture store. You will have to air out the seeds for a couple of hours before you move onto step two.

You can air out the seeds using a sealed container and dry cloths. Leave the seeds in the container for a couple of hours. You are not done yet, and after that, you will have to place the seeds in the fridge for seventy to eighty days.

  1. Prep the Pot and Soil

Once you have taken the seeds out, you will now have to prepare the pot and the soil. Try to use soil that has a neutral pH level and create a divot in the middle of the soil and water the seed immediately. Once you have created the divot, simply place the seeds and place the pot in the right location that has a normal room temperature. You could also try putting the pot next to a window sill in order to make sure that the tree gets the required amount of sunlight.

  1. Keep Checking On the Plant

Within a couple of weeks, you will start to notice that the plant finally has leaves and is slowly taking shape. You will now have to transport the plant from the pot to outside so you can plant your tree. Make sure you plant the tree in an open and airy area that has rich soil.

Apple orchards have always been a sight of inspiration, so never forgo the opportunity to plant an apple tree when you can!