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Facts and Steps to Plant and Care for an Ash Tree

White ash trees are indigenous to the eastern United States and range naturally from Texas to Minnesota. These beautiful trees are renowned for their glorious shade of red that changes to purple during the fall season. Many states have invested in planting these trees as they provide an ample amount of shade and provide a pure natural aesthetic facet that words simply cannot describe.

Growing an ash tree is a very long procedure, but this unique tree can actually live up to two hundred years. If the ash tree is provided with the required amount of nutrients, sunlight, and water, they will grow approximately two feet in a single year. Once they have reached full maturity the ash tree can reach the staggering heights of eighty feet and fifty feet in width.

However, planting ash trees requires a high degree of dexterity and thorough understanding of this trees natural stature. Even with a green thumb, growing and caring for an ash tree can become very challenging, especially if you are planning on cultivating this tree in controlled conditions. To help everyone out there accentuate the beauty of their gardens or yards, we have compiled a list of steps to plant and care for an ash tree. These steps are mentioned below:

How to Plant a White Ash Tree

In order to plant a white ash tree, you will first have to get a hold of a white ash tree seedling. These seeds are readily available at your local horticulture store and are being offered at subsidized rates due to different grants that are being offered to encourage the plantation of white ash trees.

Once you have gotten hold of the seed the next step is to locate a place to plant the seed in your garden or yard. There are many factors which you will have to take into consideration when determining where you are going to plant the seed. Ensure that there are not any structures in the proximity, and you should try to locate a spot that is at a substantial distance from other plants or flower beds.

Another factor you should take into perspective is the amount of sunlight that will be required in order for the tree to bloom naturally. Choose the most open area in your garden and dig a hole that is at least six to seven feet in depth, bury the seed in fertilized soil and watch how your tree blossoms.

How to Take Care of an Ash Tree

Once you have planted the seed, your work has just begun. In order to take care of your white ash tree, you will need to provide them with impeccable care. You will first have to make sure that the soil is moist and provide it with a neutral level of PH level. Furthermore, you will have to water your tree on a daily basis and cut away dead branches in order for the tree to mature at an expedited rated.

So follow the aforementioned steps in order to grow an ash tree to perfection!