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How to Permanently Get Rid of Chinese Elm from Your Property

Chinese Elm Trees can be a pest for your gardens. They grow too fast and starve the shrubs and trees nearby off the necessary nutrients. However, you can get rid of them – here’s how:

The Large Chinese Elm Trees

In case the Chinese Elm in your garden has a trunk 4 inches or more in diameter, you need to cut it down first. Make sure you cut it as close to the soil it’s standing in as possible. The next step is to get some triclopyr. This natural chemical compound is available in both concentrate and ready-to-use form.

You can dilute the triclopyr concentrate (one part) in diesel or vegetable oil (five parts) or use the ready-to-use solution to spray the cut stump and roots of the Chinese Elm, immediately after chopping the tree down. This will eliminate what is left of the Chinese Elm Tree.

Always wear protective gear when spraying the trees and avoid spraying this herbicide when the day is windy.

The Small & Medium Chinese Elm Trees

All Chinese Elm Trees with a trunk less than 4 inches in diameter can be eliminated by simply spraying triclopyr containing herbicide on them. The best time to spray these trees is between spring and summer for greater efficacy, but the herbicides do work (although, not that well) during the fall season too. Again, you can get the triclopyr in whichever form seems more convenient to you.

For Chinese elm trees that have trunks between the diameters of 1½ and 4 inches, it’s best to use the triclopyr concentrate. Only this time, instead of the 1:5 ratio, dilute 1 gallon of triclopyr into ¾ gallon of diesel oil. For tree trunks that are less than the 1½ inch diameter, stick to the 1:5 ration for the solution. Once the triclopyr solution is ready, pour it into a hand-pump or backpack sprayer with a small nozzle to spray the tree trunk and roots with it.

It is ideal to spray the mixture on the trunk’s part that is nearest to the ground. Spray at least 1 foot of the trunk with the triclopyr solution till the time it’s completely drenched and dripping. Be careful – you don’t want the trees and shrubs around the Chinese elm to get damaged.

The Small Chinese Elm Saplings

If you locate a young Chinese elm sapling in your green space, just pull it out with your hand. The best way to do that is to grip the sapling at its trunk base and then pull upwards keeping the pressure slow yet steady.

You should be careful to pull the sapling out in full – complete with all its roots. If any roots remain, there will be new saplings sprouting out of them before you know it. We suggest you hand pull the saplings out soon after a good rain shower while the ground is still moist. In case you don’t get much rain or there isn’t forecast of a good shower in the near future – moisten the soil yourself. Water it a couple of days before you pull the sapling out.

If you still think getting rid of the Chinese Elm Tree is not something you can handle on your own, get professional help! We, at Santa Fe Tree Company can help you remove and get rid of the Chinese Elm Tree once and for all.

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