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Steps To Take To Save a Diseased Evergreen Tree

Evergreen trees are supposed to stay green and swarming with foliage the entire year round. Every leaf that falls from an evergreen tree is replaced by another one. What’s more is that these trees can endure some of the toughest weathers and still remain leafy and lush. But, there is one thing though that can break down these long-lasting trees — a disease.

Browning of evergreen trees is not a rare sight. It happens and it has to be treated, the disease only has a chance of spreading when the browning is ignored and left untreated.

To save your evergreen safe from a disease, you’ll need to take some steps. Here’s what you need to do when you catch sight of an evergreen tree taking on a brown tinge:

•    Step 1:

As soon as you notice the leaves browning, you need to take action. Begin by identifying the type and species of evergreen tree you are dealing with. This is important because most diseases are specific to certain species.  You can take help from a person who has considerable knowledge on the subject or you can ask Santa Fe Tree Company to help you with that.

•    Step 2:

Once you know the type of tree species you are dealing with, you need to identify the disease. The disease could be due to various reasons. A large number of evergreen trees suffer from diseases caused by a fungus; others are because of environment, animals, insects or Nematode. And then there are general diseases like Cedar Rust Diseases, Pine Diseases Chart, Scale and Spruce Needle Diseases that are some of the most common.

•    Step 3:

It is too late for us to save the part that has already been affected by the disease. Begin by removing them. Get rid of all the brown leaves and even as much of the infected branches and roots as you can. Also, make sure to remove dead leaves that have fallen on the ground around the trees. The diseases in evergreen trees usually spread slowly; therefore it is necessary to eradicate the affected areas before treating the disease itself.

•    Step 4:

For every disease contracted by the tree, there is a different solution. If the damage in the tree is a result of insects, then you need to spray a bottle of insecticides on the tree. The diseases caused by fungi can only be treated with the help of fungicides. Again, the type of spray depends on the identification of the disease.

You also need to examine the environment around the tree. Evergreen trees become diseased because of pollution, an abundance of engine oil in the vicinity or even contaminated soil can cause damage and disease to the evergreen tree.

Most people plant evergreen trees in their backyards and front yard for assistance with shade, privacy screening, wind breaks, and for landscape value. If yours have caught a disease and is suffering badly, then don’t hesitate to reach out to the experienced connoisseurs and let them save your evergreen tree from dying.