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Basics of a Sprinkler Irrigation System

What is a sprinkler irrigation system?

Irrigation is the process of bringing water to plants (or crops in farming) through a channel that could be covered or left open.

A sprinkler irrigation system is a network of water channels that are made up of pipelines fixed underground in your lawn from which sprinklers (water spraying devices) spray out water in your lawn or garden or any landscape. It is connected to the line of water coming into your house from the city mains.

How does a sprinkler irrigation system work?

1-The water supply

The water to your house comes from a large capacity main line called city main. From this, a connection of a smaller capacity supply line is made to your home to provide water. There is a water meter installed to record the usage of water at your home. Between the water meter and your home, a connection is derived out for your garden or lawn. This is the source of water to your irrigation system.

2-Controlling water flow

To regulate supply to the system, a shut-off valve is installed on the connection to the irrigation system. To mitigate the risk of contamination of water in the line to your house, every system has a backflow prevention device to regulate the water supply. This prevents backflow of water from the irrigation system to the main line, thus keeping the coming water to your house, safe.

3-Spraying it to plants

The water that comes through the backflow is held under pressure by a sprinkler system valve. This valve opens upon receipt of a low voltage current from the irrigation controller. This opening of the valve lets water through to the channels that lead it to sprinkler heads. These channels are made of solid PVC pipes. The sprinkler heads then spray out the water onto your garden or lawn, which then completes the irrigation process.

What are its advantages?

It is a great way to save water. Hand spraying water via a hose causes a loss of significant quantity while the hose is left running to shut off the valve. Sprinklers hold water and spray as much as needed and disallow any wastage as such.

Irrigation systems can be programmed to automatically perform with a scheduled timing. Thus, there are no worries for you to spend time in watering your plants. Also, these can be scheduled as you like such as on odd or even days or the number of times a day etc as per your preference and convenience.

This programming also enables you to let them spray water early morning. When evaporation ratio in the environment particularly in hot areas like Santa Fe is at its lowest. Thus, a majority of water is properly delivered to plants in the areas needed.

It also allows you to apply fertilizers which do not get washed away by a rush of water as in a hose job. Spray lets water drops come gently, respecting your gardening efforts.

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