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Turn your dry and hard land into a beautiful landscape.

Do you have a green thumb? Do you like the idea of growing things out of nowhere and filling the place with blooming life? If yes then you must also know how difficult this job can be if not done correctly. To get started, you need to know what types of plants are sustainable in the climatic conditions where you live, availability of all the resources the plant needs to grow, the suitable type of soil to plant in. Especially, if you are planning a landscape, it becomes essential that you study the situational factors of that area.

Southwestern climate is famous for being arid to semi-arid. When we think of southwestern regions, a dry area with clear skies and cactuses come in mind, which is almost the right representation of southwestern regions as there are mostly deserts and dry mountains. It receives less rainfall throughout the year, making the soil condition dry and droughty. One might think that it is difficult to cultivate and grow plants in such areas with less amount of water to nurture it and too much heat. However, as for nature; it can bloom even in the cracks.

When planting trees, one might be thoughtful of what plants should be selected to sustain the climatic conditions of southwestern regions. Over the period, plants have adapted many features that let them survive the harsh climatic conditions. The plants and trees mostly found in the southwest have waxy leaves, are succulents to retain the moisture content.

If you are planning to cultivate trees for the hard ground in the southwest, you should look at the following types of trees that you can easily grow in the type of soil and other climatic condition that the southwest has to offer.

THE AFGHAN PINE – They are also known as desert pine. Afghan pine is an evergreen tree that grows up to 80ft tall. Once their base has been properly established, they can grow in low water conditions.

POMENGRANTE TREE – Considering the climate in the southwest, it must be hard to believe that any fruit tree can survive in there but pomegranate tree is among those trees that can survive in almost any soil. Moreover, they look beautiful when planted in your garden.

SOUTHERN OAK – This tree can grow up to 800ft. It loves the sun and thrives on less water. It is one of best trees for hard ground in the southwest.

WEEPING MULBERRY TREE – It is an easy tree to trim, not as wide. It grows up to 20ft tall and is good as an ornamental tree. In addition, it provides good shade.

You can put up in the hard ground of southwest these trees as they are easy to maintain and quite adaptable in the dry and hot climatic conditions of the southwestern region. However, you can always call in the tree-planting experts to guide you with trees for the hard ground in the southwest.