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Facts and Steps to Plant and Care for a Peach Tree

Peach trees have become a common feature in beautiful gardens due to their picturesque aesthetic facet. Their natural beauty effectively accentuates the ambiance of any garden. Peaches grow at a rapid rate as it only takes them four years to completely mature which make it the ideal option for every homeowner aiming to plant these beautiful trees in their gardens. Peach trees normally produce fruit after growing for a year. This deciduous tree is indigenous to North West China but can be seen all around the world as it has the capacity to survive in a variety of climates.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not require a green thumb or extraordinary gardening skills to plant a fragile peach tree. All you need are a few instructions and the right attitude! To help every homeowner out there revamp their garden with a mesmerizing peach tree, we have compiled a list of steps which exonerate how simple it is to grow a peach tree.

Read on to find out how you can plant and grow your own peach tree!

Purchase a Peach Tree Seed at a Nursery Farm

The first and the most obvious step of planting and caring for a peach tree is purchasing seeds from a nursery farm. Do not make the common mistake of only purchasing one seed as that will make matters very difficult for you. Either purchase multiple seeds or, simply purchase a year old peach tree from the nursery farm. If you prefer to purchase a year old peach tree, then make sure that you purchase a dormant plant with no leaves. Although peach trees can survive in a variety of climates, the best time to plant a peach tree is during spring.

Plant Your Seeds Carefully

This is arguably one of the most important steps in this process as if you end up planting your seed in the wrong location then there is a very high chance that your plant will not survive. Inspect your garden or yard from every angle and locate a spot which gets ample amount of sunlight. A peach tree requires at least six hours of sunlight to thrive, so place it at the warmest location in your garden. We would recommend planting the seeds next to a south-facing wall for reflected heat. Also, make sure you plant seeds carefully as it can dictate the outcome of all your hard work. Simply dig a five feet hole that is 1.5 meters in diameter, to provide the plant with sufficient room to grow.

Add Organic Matter to the Soil & Water the Plant Everyday

If you really want to grow a healthy peach tree, then consider adding organic matter such as compost to the prepared soil. This composite will ensure that the tree has all the required minerals to grow in a healthy manner and will also contribute to the quality of the fruit that this plant produces. Peach trees require a certain amount of water on a daily basis to survive, so make sure you check your plant every day and lightly water it.

Finally, you can also apply a mild pesticide to protect the tree and the fruit it produces from different insects and pesticides. There is no doubt that if you follow the steps mentioned above, you will end up with a beautiful peach tree that will set the tone in your garden.