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Planting and Caring for Evergreen Trees

When everything goes into hibernation in winters, evergreen trees stand tall and green as a sign of life around them. They grow and bloom throughout the year, letting there be greenery everywhere when everything becomes dull. However, for them to stay evergreen, proper care is essential. Just because they stay evergreen throughout the year, many people take them for granted and neglect the fact that these trees need proper care as well. Evergreen plants are precious because they are always present around us, which is why it is important to know how to look after them.

| Right place to plant them

The first step is to plant them right. The place where you plant them matters a lot. It is the first step to ensure their longevity. When planting an evergreen tree, make sure they are not being planted in an area that is over exposed to sun or dry winds. When it comes to setting the soil bed for these trees, make sure the soil is not overly wet. If you live in an area that faces harsh winds throughout the year, you should consult your local horticulturist so they may guide you what kind of evergreen tree would be suitable for the type of climate you live in. Acidic soils are known to hold the moisture best, which is why evergreen plants should be planted in soil with high acidity.

| Prune only when needed

Normally trees require regular pruning to promote their growth. However, with evergreen trees, you only need pruning when there is a dead branch or a diseased branch to be removed. Otherwise, they keep growing in a naturally directed path. If you still need to prune the tree, do not do it in late summers or early fall, since it would hinder the hardening of new branches and before the winter finally begins.

| Keep it light with fertilizing

Normally evergreen trees do not need much fertilizing, but if you want to promote the growth of a newly planted tree, then you can use fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. Fertilize the tree during midsummer. Fertilizing is not recommended in dry seasons.

| Do not forget to mulch!

Evergreen trees do not need to be watered as much as the other types of trees. However, the soil needs to maintain the moisture at all times, especially in cold weathers. To retain the moisture in the soil, it is a good practice to mulch it regularly. You can use a plastic sheet and place it over the soil. You can cover the soil with wood chips and barks or you can mulch it with compost or manure, so the soil does not get affected by the heat or cold weathers. Make sure to water the trees adequately during the winters, so their roots do not dry out.