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Facts and Steps to Plant and Care for a Scotch Pine

Scotch pine is a species of pine that usually grows in rocky areas and sandy soils. It is also referred to as Scots pine. The trees have orange-red bark with short blue-green leaves. The trees are present in abundance in Western Asia, Eastern Siberia, Caucasus Mountains, Scandinavia, and Anatolia. The tree is commonly used as Christmas tree around the globe.

How to Grow Scotch Pine Tree?

Scotch pine trees are easy to grow and maintain. Here’s how you can plant one in your garden.

Get Seeds or Pine Seedling

You can grow Scotch pine tree with seeds or pine seedlings. It can grow in almost all climatic conditions. First, you have to prepare the soil to make it suitable for the growth of the tree. Get rid of weeds and debris from surrounding areas before planting the seeds. Spread a layer of mulch with the help of a rake to prevent weeds from growing. This will allow the soil to retain moisture and nutrients for long.

Water Plants

Scotch pine trees do not need a large amount of water. It is recommended to water the plants early in the morning. The plants need more watering in fall so as to be able to survive in winters.

Fertilize the Tree

Do not forget to fertilize the tree once every year. The best time to fertilize the tree is in the spring season. Choose a suitable fertilizer that contains phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. Spread it in the surrounding of the pine tree. Make sure it reaches 1 to 3 inches under the surface.

Maintenance of Scots Pine Tree

Regularly Trim Trees

Scotch pine trees usually do not need much pruning. However, it is recommended to trim the leaves on a regular basis. Get rid of leaves and branches if they are diseased. It will improve the health of the tree and protect it from potential damages.

The branches of Scotch pine grow in the form of layers. If any branch of a layer is dead or diseased, it is recommended to get rid of the entire layer. The most suitable time for pruning pine tree in June and July. Regular pruning and trimming assist in stimulating the growth of new branches.

It Needs Plenty of Sunlight

Make sure the tree receives ample amount of sunlight. If you intend to plant it in your garden, choose a spot that receives direct sunrays. On the other hand, if you choose a shady spot for your tree, it may die soon.

However, young plants may wither if they receive a high amount of sunlight. Protect young trees with the help of plywood. The plywood should be on the western side of the plant to protect it from sunlight during hotter times of the day.

Keep It Safe from Pests

Small animals and insects are the worst enemies of Scotch pine trees. Porcupine, pine spittlebug, European pine sawfly, pine root collar weevil, giant conifer aphid, white pine weevil, pine needle scale, Zimmerman pine moth and pine root weevil attack the trees from time to time. Use effective remedies and pesticides to protect the plants during their early days.