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All You Need to know about Deciduous Tree Care

If a tree or shrub sheds its leaves at the end of a growing season, it is called a deciduous tree or shrub. Unlike evergreens, that keep their leaves fresh and green all year round, deciduous trees shed their leaves before the winter season.

Deciduous trees exist in a variety of sizes, appearance, and color. The word “deciduous” means “tending to fall off” and fits perfectly with the plants’ profile. The shedding is of the leaves no longer required by the trees to live on for the season. These trees, make a good addition to the view, with colorful foliage in the fall, and also provide shade and decrease soil erosion.

Planting deciduous trees

If you are looking for the right time to plant a deciduous tree, you can do so in fall. This is to ensure that they get sufficient amount of time to become accustomed to new climate or conditions preceding the arrival of hot and dry weather.

Prior to planting, it is useful if you wet the roots. There is no need for you to place the tree deeper in the ground than it was growing in the nursery. It should be planted in such a way that the roots are in close proximity with the soil, and that big air pockets are not formed. Shaking the tree can be helpful.

Pruning deciduous trees

Pruning is getting rid of the overgrown or dead, stems or branches. Being a significant part of deciduous tree care, pruning is important for a number of reasons. It helps in maintaining the health, form, and size of the tree, stimulate its growth, and have an impact on fruiting and flowering.

Pruning can also be used to make the tree safe, as the process involves removal of dead or dying, broken, or diseased branches, especially if you have a deciduous tree in your yard, and your child has a tendency to climb it. Pruning the tree can reduce the risk of falling.

You can prune deciduous trees in early spring or late winter since these times are best in terms of pruning such type of plants.

Using fertilizer

Fertilizer should not be used until 2 to 6 weeks have passed, since you have planted a deciduous tree. This is because the use of fertilizer becomes pointless if the roots of the tree have not yet become active. Make sure the fertilizer you are using does not have a lot of nitrogen content, as that can impede the development of its roots. It is recommended that in every three months, you should sprinkle fertilizer over the surface, for the entire duration of its growing season.

Water for growth

Water is an essential element involved in deciduous tree care since it directly affects the growth of a tree. Water has much more significance in the premature phase of the season, as compared to the later phase. Watering should be done on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

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