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Effective Everyday Care for Your Apple Tree

Apples are among those fruits, which are a part of everyday life. They are healthy, have medicinal benefits and are available in bright red, yellow and green. Growing an apple tree requires dedicated care and nurturing. It can be easy or difficult, depending on how much you understand the nature of your tree and what it takes to care for it.

Here are some tips, which can help you in looking after your precious tree and nurture it to provide you with that beautiful summery shade, delicate flowers, and healthy fruit.


How and where you plant your tree, play a vital role in the tree’s growth and health. Make sure that you are planting your tree in a wide, spacey area where it has enough room to spread its roots. It should be planted in a place that receives a good amount of sunlight and where the drainage system is properly maintained. If there is a poor drainage of water, the tree’s roots will soak up excess water and that will eventually destroy the tree. For apple trees, winter is the suitable time to plant them.


Pruning is an important practice when it comes to taking care of your tree. Pruning helps in promoting the growth of the tree and does not let it stay stagnant. It is also necessary to keep your tree in a perfect shape. However, when it comes to young apple trees, it is advised not to prune the trees too much. One must only prune the tree when damaged, broken, infected, or misplaced branches are to be removed. This is because pruning at a very young age for apple tree slows down its growth process.

However, if your tree has matured, it needs regular pruning to keep the growth constant. A mature apple tree needs to be pruned once every year when the tree is dormant. Months from February to April are suitable months, so as to allow the tree a fill growth in winter.


When it comes to watering apple tree, the good thing is that it does not require much water. Apple tree is among those hardy trees, which can grow fine in any climatic condition. If you have planted the tree in the soil that is rich and properly drained, it would not require you to water it regularly, as it will get enough water from the rain. However, if there had been no rain and the weather had remained relatively dry, and then you can water it occasionally, making sure not to overwater the soil.

Apple tree care is easy when compared to other fruit bearing trees, but it is still prone to many infectious diseases, which you are advised not to leave unattended. If you witness your tree developing certain symptoms which indicate an infection, you should call in tree caretaking services and let them handle the matter because infections are deadly, and might kill your tree.