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How to Take Care of Your Cherry Tree

The cherry tree, being one of nature’s most precious trees, is known for its overwhelming beauty and the plumy fruit it bears. The cherry tree is known to hold a great significance in many cultures, representing beauty and delicate nature of life. The pink little flowers are a sight to behold and cherish for life. Maybe this is why people wish to grow them around. However, that delicacy of a cherry tree can easily be translated in the sensitive care that it requires to grow. Growing a cherry tree requires time and devoted care. You cannot overlook its nurturing needs.

Here are some tips for cherry tree care, which can help you in caring for your delicate pink tree and allow it to bloom into a beautiful sight, with those delicate flowers and the sweet fleshy red cherries.


Planting the tree is the most basic detail you need to take care of. You must know how and where it should be planted. Cherry trees are planted during the beginning of spring or late in fall. This is so it can have access to soil with ample moisture content. Plant the tree where it gets full exposure to sunlight for the entire day. Make sure the tree gets good air circulation. If you are planting sweet cherries, then leave a 35-40 feet space between them. Also, since cherry tree pollinates the trees around it, plant different kinds of cherry trees around.


When it comes to taking care of the tree, pruning is the foremost practice that needs to take place. It is necessary to promote the growth of the tree. It helps in increasing the fruit size, aids in propagating flower development and also in harvesting the fruit. Moreover, it allows you to shape your tree to look beautiful.

A cherry tree should be pruned when it is dormant, which is normally around late summers and winters. Summers pruning is not advised because the open cuts are prone to bacterial and fungal infections, and with all the growing energy propagating throughout the tree to promote the growth of the fruit, the tree becomes prone to being infected. If you are pruning a young cherry tree, you should prune it in a wide-open v-shape to let the air flow properly and let the branches have space to breathe. There is no specific rule when it comes to pruning a cherry tree as long as it turns out aesthetically pleasing and healthy.


Cherry trees are very choosy when it comes to watering. You water it too much and its roots get soggy and attract infectious diseases. Too less and it dries off. Normally, natural rain in the area would be sufficient for its requirement but you can water the tree with a spray nozzle or a hose slowly, so the water gets soaked everywhere, instead of creating water puddles around it. However, when the fruit comes out, you must check and maintain the moisture of the soil as sufficient amount of water is needed for the tree to produce soft, plump cherries.