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Planting trees and taking care of them

Since we were little, we have been taught that how crucial trees are for our existence and we should take care of them so they can take care of us. Gardens are the soul to life as they bring more colors and liveliness in our lives. But when taking care of our gardens and landscape, we often overlook the importance of properly watering the trees and focus on watering the small plants instead, because people hold a view that roots of the tree are always naturally inclined toward where there is water, so they will automatically reach up to it and meet its need. But that is not the case.

When making a garden where you are planning to plant trees, you must make sure that you have an efficient watering system for them. The climate of the area where you are planting the tree will determine how much water will be needed by it.

A Proper watering system for your tree makes sure that young trees reach their maturity steadily, as young trees need a steady flow of oxygen from top till bottom with complete saturation. When planting new trees, one should follow these few guidelines:

  • Newly planted trees should be watered on daily basis.
  • Overwatering is harmful to your tree because it makes the soil soggy and the oxygen content in it is saturated and no place is left for the roots to breathe, leaving the roots to drown. You must make sure to leave the soil damp and not overflowing with water.
  • Generally, trees should be water enough so that the water enters at least 18 inches of its roots.

Once your garden or yard has been set up with trees you wanted to plant, and they reaches maturity, we tend to forget about watering them as properly as we used to in the beginning and that brings us to the need of a water system that operates automatically and takes care of this job for us.

There have been methods around for ages, which are being used, more or less effective but the best water system for trees automatically manages the process for you. One watering system includes Drip watering system, in which water is slowly dripped into the soil, saving it from over watering and our forgetfulness when it comes to watering trees. It is fixed either on the surface of the soil or into the root zone of the tree through pipes, valves, pumps, and emitters. One reason why this is the best water system for trees automatically is that it prevent the soil from evaporation.

We all want what is best for the lives of our precociously grown trees, but our neglect shouldn’t be the reason they should suffer. Which is why it is best that you call in the professional tree planting and caretaking services and get the best and suitable water irrigation system installed.