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Warranty Policy

Santa Fe Tree Farm Warranty

Please find our warranty policy below; at the bottom of this page, there is a link to a PDF version as well if you’d like to download a copy for your records.

The Santa Fe Tree Farm offers a 100% warranty on all plant material we install for 1 year from the installation date. The tree(s)/plant(s) must be connected to a permanent irrigation system within one week from the installation date for this warranty to be valid. Should your tree(s)/plant(s) die within 1 year of the plant date, the warranty applies only to a one time replacement of the original plant material(s) species and size(s). The warranty does not cover the additional labor cost that is incurred for re-planting, which is 60% of the cost of the replacement tree, and the warranty does not cover any additional delivery costs for replacement plant material. The warranty does not cover acts of God, including but not limited to gophers, insects, deer, or other pests.

Santa Fe Tree Farm Warranty