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How To Properly Water Trees in the Southwest’s Dry Climate in the Summer Time

When it comes to summertime, watering plants is necessary since the extra sun can cause them to lose a lot of their moisture. For trees, this can also pose a problem too. Not only do they grow slowly, they also have roots that can spread out to a depth and width of at least three feet into the soil. If you aren’t aware of how to properly water trees in the Southwest’s dry climate in the summer time, you could end up making a mistake that could be harmful to the tree. If you want to go about it in the right manner, pay attention to the following:

Tools You Need

The first thing you should do is to get your hands on a few tools that will make it easier to water the trees you have. For this, you will need:

  • Soil Probe – A soil probe will be needed to help you determine how deeply you have watered the tree. All you have to do is push the probe down to the two feet marker and examine the results. If the soil is dry, you should water it more.

  • Drip Water Emitters – Drip water emitters are great for automated watering purposes. Sprinklers are good for the lawn but these can help to water the soil deeply and ensure that the trees are watered in a timely manner.

When you are just starting out, these two tools can help you a lot. Later on, as you get more trees, you can expand your inventory.

Trees that Are Newly Planted

When trees are newly planted, they need to be watered at least twice a week until it starts to mature. Following the growth of the roots, avoid watering the tree at the trunk. Instead, look for the drip line which is going to be the edge of the trees leaves and move outwards, at least half a foot at least. Until the tree is two years old, it will require frequent and deep watering to ensure that it takes root correctly.

Trees that Have Taken Root

Mature trees don’t need to be watered frequently but they do need to be watered deeply. Their roots can extend to three feet in the ground which is why you should water the soil till it is at least two feet moist. For this, you should also use a soil probe that can help you know just how deeply you have watered. When it is growing season, mature trees should be watered at least once every two weeks and once a month when it is dormant.

Keep in mind that when you are experiencing drought or have to face water restrictions, never abandon the trees. The other plants on your lush lawn can easily go dormant or be restored. A tree, on the other hand, requires careful maintenance and needs at least two years to grow. A mature tree is not as easy to replace as a potted plant. If you want to explore more tree watering options, get in touch with us and let our experts help you out.